How to Future Proof Your BI and Analytics by Using an Agile Approach Towards Your Data

“Change is the only constant.”

These time-tested words are never more true and applicable for businesses than they are today. Organizations need to be data-driven and able to adapt to changing needs faster than ever before.

Adopting self-service BI and analytics helps accomplish this objective and in fact is no longer an option, but a downright requirement. Becoming data-driven is a prerequisite in order to gain competitive business advantages or in many cases to simply “keep up” with the competition and shifting market demands.

While it’s imperative that organizations know that in order to prosper with their data strategy, and to successfully deliver data insights across their entire organization, they should also realize that they need to put even more data sources (than previously realized) in play at a much faster rate. This means that being “agile” and having “flexibility” are crucial mandates. At the same time, focus must also be on Data Governance, knowledge about which data is present and calculated.

Even more, IT-house cleaning should be an ongoing activity, and for those using Qlik, this means QVD structure grows in importance as the number of apps increase. If the goal is to secure users with timely insights to strengthen your operations and to make your organization data-driven, (and it should be), these items as laid out must be top of mind.

Traditional methods of BI often turn out to be limiting -- simply too slow to fulfill the ever-increasing demand for data. I’ve seen industry statistics published that state approximately 42% of professionals are required to make data-driven decisions within one workday. Is your BI and analytics environment setup for that at this time?

At TimeXtender, helping companies and business users democratize access to corporate data is what we do. TimeXtender’s Discovery Hub® provides an integrated, agile automation platform for data infrastructure that allows organizations to rapidly respond to changes, while providing business users access to data when and where they need it. In other words, Discovery Hub® addresses the need for business users striving to make data-driven decisions within that one business day (in reality, even faster!).

This architecture is the key to future proofing your BI strategy. It’s hard to specifically identify business requirements from day zero, but it’s easy to state right here and now that change is on its way. Rather than fight change, we must plan for it and embrace it. Discovery Hub® does just that, helping organizations get the data in the right format, ready to be analyzed, as needed, when needed. Discovery Hub® is one investment that is helping companies “future proof” their operations and to prepare them for the next wave of data discovery requirements or what we might call “change.”

To find out more about how to Future-Proof Your BI Implementation, join Joseph Treadwell from TimeXtender and Jerry DiMaso from Axis Group on August 3rd at 2 pm- 3pm EST. During this best-practice discussion, they will also outline the business benefits provided by Discovery Hub® for Qlik, and considerations for organizations looking to achieve data-driven status. A product demo will be included as well.

August 3rd is right around the corner so don’t wait to register!

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