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An agile, versatile and comprehensive approach to Business Intelligence, Axis Group’s COMPASS 360 delivers an intensive view of your core business functions – customized to your company, your needs, your ideas, your opportunities – to your screen in just 4 to 6 weeks.



What is Axis Group’s COMPASS 360?

COMPASS 360 is a suite of software applications that provides critical business insight, key performance indicators and standard performance measures through an easy-to-use, intuitive interface.

Get quick answers to your most important questions – daily, weekly, monthly, yearly – through values, graphs and dashboards that show unique information needed to run your business. Find catalysts for decision points in growing your enterprise – using cross-sections and drill-down capabilities – via a simple, efficient and adaptable approach. See your business as it is and as it can be.

Capitalize on a centralized approach for all of Your critical business information.  



What are the Applications?

Unlike many “one-size-fits-all” approaches, COMPASS 360 is designed around key roles and responsibilities:

  • COMPASS 360 for Sales – Analyze your sales numbers, compare them to budget, to previous periods. Find your gaps – What segments are underperforming. Where are our opportunities? How are our salespeople doing?
  • COMPASS 360 for Spend – Review your spending patterns, uncover hidden costs, reduce your overhead. What were our top outlays? Why are we spending more this year than last? Where can we make reductions?
  • COMPASS 360 for Supply Chain – Track your inventory, optimize your flow, improve your balance. What products are moving? Which aren’t? How can we get them there more efficiently?
  • COMPASS 360 for Finance – Review your financials, analyze your General Ledger, produce your reports. How’s our profitability? Versus budget? Versus last year? Where’s our leakage? Where are our opportunities?

Increase revenues. Decrease costs. Mitigate risks. And discover new opportunities.



Who is COMPASS 360 Designed For?

Because COMPASS 360 combines the best of both worlds – traditional business reporting and business intelligence – each application provides a single solution for the C-Suite, executives, managers and analysts. Developed from the ground up to allow sharing of key business information, COMPASS 360 incorporates a social-network-like design, thus minimizing communication gaps through the flow of important indicators and exceptions up and down the food chain.

Top to bottom. Bottom to top. COMPASS 360 is a social business network designed to increase profits.



What Makes COMPASS 360 Different?

COMPASS 360 applications are built with industry acumen in mind. All too often, reporting and BI tools use complicated technology that doesn’t empower the business and rarely asks the question “How can I achieve better success?”  COMPASS 360 tackles this problem to optimize your effectiveness:

  • More business, less technical – By building a highly sophisticated, intermediate analysis level into each application, COMPASS 360 frees you up to be self-sufficient – You determine what you want to see, in the way you want to see it.  The easy-to-use, crisp and comprehensive interface represents your business view. Tell a story in 3-clicks. Spotlight a new business idea with speed, simplicity and transparency.
  • Combines standard reporting with BI – Technology often treats BI as separate from traditional, standardized reporting. When running a company in the real world, most businesses don’t truly see a difference. Neither does COMPASS 360. As a result, you can even eliminate your redundant BI & reporting systems, saving money.
  • Fluent in your native tongueCOMPASS 360’s flexibility lets you use your terms, your data, your business model.
  • Rapid development – With most applications, development time from start to your screen is measured in months or years, not weeks. COMPASS 360’s proprietary architecture allows you to be up and running in 4-6 weeks.
  • Easy on the wallet and the mind – No massive system to purchase. No huge staff of developers to be paid. No risk of an overblown budget.  And all the while, COMPASS 360 takes a significant burden off the shoulders of your IT team.
  • Agile for expansionCOMPASS 360’s modular nature makes it easy to add information and capabilities over time. Grow the applications with the growth of your business.
  • Friendly to your data – Take data from your warehouse, transactions systems, reports or even your spreadsheets. No reinventing the wheel here.
  • You’re not locked in – If you change any of your standard transaction applications, or any other data source, COMPASS 360 doesn’t become obsolete. We simply change your data model, in concert with your new source.
  • Easy to support – Low maintenance, modular design provides consistency between applications and greatly reduces the complexity associated with most other, hard-coded, customized applications.

Get the answers you want. In your view. When you want them.
With the flexibility you need.



7 Great Reasons Why Compass 360 is Right for You. Right Now.

1. Enhanced Visibility
The numbers, the measures, the analyses, the dashboards. What you need to see.

2. Flexible
Adaptable to your way of doing business. In your language.

3. Rapidly Deployed
Not a year, not six months. Now.

4. Affordable
No huge systems. No huge outlays. No huge commitment to man-hours. Cost justifies itself.

5. Agile
Able to grow with the business, change with the marketplace.

6. IT Friendly
Works with your systems, your people. Give IT a break and minimize the fuss.

7. Developed By Axis Group
Business acumen. Technical expertise. Successful solutions. BI ergonomics for You.