The book on sparklines

Mike Steedle
April 26, 2009
Business Intelligence, QlikView, Visualization, Xcelsius

Sparklines, a term coined by Edward Tufte, are becoming increasingly popular in Business Intelligence software.  Some applications, like Excel (through various add–ins) and QlikView (starting in version 9.0), have the ability to make them, out of the box, while they can be created elsewhere, like Xcelsius, with a bit of creativity. You’ve likely seen them… continue reading

How to reduce “glitz” in Xcelsius

Mike Steedle
March 30, 2009
Business Objects, Visualization, Xcelsius

I thought this thread was too valuable to remain buried on the Perceptual Edge message board.  “Candy-like” is the adjective I often use to describe shiny, round, three-dimensional-looking dashboard components, and Xcelsius is incredibly candy-like if you don’t make the effort to create a clean, professional dashboard.  Even the samples on the SAP website are… continue reading

Xcelsius fun: Critical Response to the Artistic Photograph

Mike Steedle
February 8, 2009
Xcelsius Tags:

From the Joe Lipka Photography page: [swfobj src=”” align=”none”] “Critical responses” are produced at the click of a button through an Xcelsius-generated Flash file.  How is this accomplished? The source spreadsheet has five lists of sentence fragments that are concatenated into a single pretentious statement. Recalculation of the spreadsheet is driven by the value of… continue reading