Lasso filtering in Qlik Sense Extensions

Speros Kokenes
October 13, 2015
Qlik Sense, Visualization

A few months ago I created a lasso plugin for D3 that mimics the lasso functionality available in Qlik Sense out-of-the-box charts. The ultimate goal in building the plugin was to use it in Qlik Sense Extensions to enable selections in the same way the out of the box charts function. Recently, Brian Booden and… continue reading

Co-post with QlikShow: a Qlik Sense Grid Chart extension

Speros Kokenes
September 9, 2014
Qlik Sense, QlikView, Visualization

I recently collaborated with Patrick Tehubijuluw of the QlikShow blog on a Qlik Sense application. If you haven’t been to Patrick’s blog before, you are really missing out. QlikShow showcases some of Patrick’s excellent examples of UI/UX and data visualization design in QlikView. Patrick also includes tools to help with your own dashboard designs, which… continue reading

Magnetic Fields in QlikView (+ open source QV!)

Speros Kokenes
January 6, 2014
QlikView, Visualization

Recently a zoology study about dog defecation has gone viral. No, seriously. In an attempt to test dogs’ sensitivity to Earth’s magnetic field, researchers recorded the urination and defecation of a sample of dogs and plotted the angular position of their bodies during these acts against the magnetic field. The results of the study produced… continue reading