How My Boss’s Son’s Homework Illustrates the Value of Finding Information Fast

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Recently everyone at the company I work for was brought together from all over the globe to meet face-to-face at a conference center and brainstorm ideas on how our company can provide better products and services to our customers. In addition, we discussed ways to become better at what we do by learning first-hand from… continue reading

Getting data out of transactional systems, why is it so challenging?

June 21, 2013
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Getting data into transactional systems today is a relatively easy and straight-forward process. Most systems have reasonably user-friendly interfaces that support efficient and practical information input. Users can enter information into their systems, click “submit” or “save” and then rest assured that their data is stored in the system for the overall good and prosperity… continue reading

Design consistency

Mike Steedle
May 24, 2009
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Adobe Welcome back, as I continue my slow, alphabetical wade through Universal Principles of Design. According to the principle of consistency, systems are more usable and learnable when similar parts are expressed in similar ways.  Consistency enables people to efficiently transfer knowledge to new contexts, learn new things quickly, and focus attention on the relevant… continue reading