Taming the Table Viewer

Mike Steedle
December 7, 2016
Data Model, Qlik Sense, QlikView

Here is a quick tip that is likely to boost your productivity: If you are trying to understand a tangled web of reporting tables in the Table Viewer, and the Auto Layout function is only stacking them all on top of each other, change the zoom setting to 75% or 50%, then click Auto Layout. Below… continue reading

Scripting for the long haul

Mike Steedle
September 22, 2016
Data Model, Load Script, Qlik Sense, QlikView

You know how Qlik recommends creating custom properties to ease administration of security rules in Qlik Sense? In a conceptually similar way, I am realizing the wisdom of creating flags to encompass business rules in the transform layer, whereas I might have otherwise done it differently before. For instance, at one customer, there are several business… continue reading

We’re hiring QlikView consultants

Mike Steedle
January 20, 2015
Announcements, Business Intelligence, General, QlikView

Apologies for the lag between posts lately, but we at Axis Group are ridiculously busy…in a good way. In fact, we could use the help of some additional experienced QlikView consultants, if you’re looking for an opportunity with our company. We’re hiring both engineer- and architect-level positions. Required QlikView knowledge Recommended Ability to use Tuftean… continue reading