Descriptive, Predictive, and Prescriptive Analytics – Getting to know the right tools for the job

Tim Wright
June 26, 2017
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This is the first of a series of analytics and data science related posts I will write related to data science and analytics in business. In practice we (at Axis Group) see numerous managers and decision makers eager to leverage data to derive efficiency and competitive advantage but sometimes without a clear understanding of the… continue reading

We’re hiring QlikView consultants

Mike Steedle
January 20, 2015
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Apologies for the lag between posts lately, but we at Axis Group are ridiculously busy…in a good way. In fact, we could use the help of some additional experienced QlikView consultants, if you’re looking for an opportunity with our company. We’re hiring both engineer- and architect-level positions. Required QlikView knowledge Recommended Ability to use Tuftean… continue reading

Mastering QlikView Book Review

Jerry DiMaso
December 29, 2014
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Stephen Redmond is a QlikView expert, as indicated by his book Mastering QlikView in which he clearly illustrates myriad advanced techniques from data modeling and performance tuning to expression writing and visualization best practices. While there is a disclaimer in the beginning of the book that the content caters to more advanced QlikView developers, I… continue reading

How My Boss’s Son’s Homework Illustrates the Value of Finding Information Fast

July 10, 2013
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Recently everyone at the company I work for was brought together from all over the globe to meet face-to-face at a conference center and brainstorm ideas on how our company can provide better products and services to our customers. In addition, we discussed ways to become better at what we do by learning first-hand from… continue reading

Getting data out of transactional systems, why is it so challenging?

June 21, 2013
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Getting data into transactional systems today is a relatively easy and straight-forward process. Most systems have reasonably user-friendly interfaces that support efficient and practical information input. Users can enter information into their systems, click “submit” or “save” and then rest assured that their data is stored in the system for the overall good and prosperity… continue reading