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Listen to the data around you.

Axis Academy
Listen to the data around you.

Are You Data Literate?

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According to Gartner, “by 2020 80% of organizations initiate deliberate competency development in the field of Data Literacy, acknowledging their extreme deficiency."


Knowledge is a strategic advantage for individuals, companies, and industries. Translating data into actionable insights is becoming more and more difficult because of the proliferation of data, data sources, and increasing complexity of business use cases. With such challenges, providing data to only a segment of the employees is not going to help create an outcome-driven organization. Data and analytics must become part of every employee’s operating model and leadership teams must push the culture of Data Literacy within their organizations.

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Mission & Vision

Goal 1: Improve Data Literacy Around the World
To create an ecosystem that enables us to measure the Data Literacy rate around the world. Increase the Data Literacy rate to 86% or greater.

Goal 2: Connect People Through Data and Analytics
Use a social media platform that has been adapted to facilitate data and analytics discussions to connect thought leaders, citizens, academics, and businesses together.

Goal 3: Foster a Culture of Innovation
Using our community of innovators on the Axis Academy platform, we will nourish and encourage creativity and new ideas.

Goal 4: Improve the Experience of Data Education
We will create an enjoyable and productive experience for learning.


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The Axis Academy Team has developed a blended learning ecosystem that is designed based on how adults learn in a digital transformation age. Members of the Axis Academy will interact with each other through our social learning platform, take advantage of side-by-side mentors, and enjoy virtual and onsite customized classes and events. Imagine all the members of your company could ask their questions and get high quality answers from experienced consultants. Imagine you could securely share your code, your graphs, and your business use cases with somebody whom you can trust to review and provide feedback. Imagine if you could get advice on demand on how people should get their hands on their data, clean it, visualize it, and interpret it. Wouldn't you be more data-driven? Axis Academy delivers learning at the right time to the right people through the right channels, and we utilize people analytics and user adoption apps to provide you with regular feedback. Here are the components of our social learning platform:


Leadership Team

Jerry DiMaso

Chief Data Literacy Officer

Milad Toliyati

Axis Academy Director

Alex DiFiore

Axis Academy Success Leader

... and our network of academics, thought leaders, and professionals around the world!
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A Guide to Data Literacy

In this guidebook, you will learn what data literacy is, why it is important, and how the Axis Academy can help individuals become truly data literate.


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